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This was the situation despite the various surveys carried out in the last 70 years.

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PERSEPOLIS (called Taḵt-e Jamšid “Jamšid’s Throne” in Persian), the ruined monuments of the acropolis of the city of Pārsa, the dynastic center of the Achaemenid Persian kings, located in the plain of Marvdašt, some 57 km northeast of Shiraz. The trend continued in subsequent decades, culminating with the invaluable studies of Mark Garrison and Margaret C.

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Since the beginning of our work around Persepolis, we have planned geophysical testing in the vicinity of the Royal Terrace.

The goal of our research has always been to reconstruct the evolution of the Persepolis hinterland, a hinterland corresponding to the royal site’s close surroundings, as well as to the more distant plain with high agricultural potential around it, hereafter referred to as the Marvdasht plain.The Sassanid city of Estakhr is located on the outskirts of the 6000-year-old Mount Rahmat (also known as the Rahmatabad Tepe) near Persepolis in the Marvdasht region.