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28-Jan-2018 17:54

The fragrance was meant to target women in their late teens and early 20s and it became very popular breaking numerous records in sales which inspired other celebreties to launch their own signature fragrances. It is described as ‘clean’, even soapy with a sweet, powdery trail. One of my favorite scents is that coppertone water babies sunscreen, which for me is the nostalgic, quintessential distillation of summertime happiness, all sunshine and the promise of swimming and relaxation.

Notes are: neroli, pink grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, amber, musk, jasmine, iris and vanilla. Glow has that bright, yet gentle summer vibe for me, but with a grown-up musky floral kick which I absolutely adore.

Cacti, for the most part, are succulents, but the Senecio genus is actually part of the daisy family.

What’s more, whereas cacti are intimidatingly prickly, Senecio peregrinus is invitingly adorable, because it looks like a pod of tiny leaping dolphins!

Specialising in luxury fabrics and flattering feminine pieces, we have revolutionised the plus size market in order to accentuate the positive.

As a matter of fact, Senecio peregrinus looks so much like the beloved sea mammals that an alternate name for the plant in Japan is “dolphin necklace,” as pointed out by Twitter user @kao77neko.

▼ The resemblance holds up no matter which angle you look at them from.

It's an aptly-named warm fragrance that never becomes totally overbearing in the summer heat on my skin (a rarity), and for that, it's a keeper. She's still cool but the only thing I keep up with now are her fragrances. As far as celebrity fragrances an over saturated market.

Glow might not be a diva, but she is a low-key lovely, intimate, summery, and inviting scent when applied judiciously. I was really excited to see her come out with a fragrance at the time. I saw the large 3.4oz bottle on sale for .99 so why not! It's fresh, quality soap smell, inviting non-offensive. Jennifer Lopez is up there with the true labels and designers.Whether you are looking for festive sparkle, figure-hugging, loose and floaty or understated looks, Chesca direct have an exciting range of party dresses, evening gowns top and skirt combos, and even sharp and stylish evening trousers.

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