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In fact, Brazilians would fit within the most widely accepted definition of “Latino,” but not “Hispanic.” Many argue that the French-speaking country of Haiti and territories of French Guiana, Guadaloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthélemy also belong to the region of Latin America, but their populations are not Hispanic.Saint Martin is a predominately Dutch-speaking Caribbean island with a sizable French-speaking minority, so most of its population is neither Latino nor Hispanic.)Luckily, Lazo explained how the terms differ.In the November of an election year the Census Bureau asks a limited number of questions about voting and registration.When cross-tabulated with the survey's extensive demographics, the CPS provides a comprehensive snapshot of participation among various demographic groups.

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Spoiler: not many people did.(Note: The Venn Diagram in the video incorrectly identifies Brazil, French Guiana, Guadaloupe, Haiti, Martinique, Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin as places that share the characteristics of both Latino and Hispanic populations.

Some countries, such as Brazil and Haiti, are also considered part of Latin America, even though Spanish is not their primary language.

From La Presentacin to Quinceaeras to Weddings to celebrating El Aniversario de los Abuelos, Hispanic celebrations are joyful gatherings enriched by cherished customs and traditions.

These are not fact lists to apply indiscriminately.

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An apt analogy to keep in mind is that learning about a specific model of car is helped by referencing the operator’s manual, but reading and even memorizing that manual doesn’t replace learning how to drive a car.

Surveys have error: both as a consequence from random sampling and from other issues, such as who responds to a survey and the truthfulness of their responses.