Derek fisher dating show

22-Aug-2017 15:22

The Cadillac continued across the right shoulder and hit the raised concrete curb and wood/metal guardrail, on the shoulder.The impact caused the vehicle to overturn, and it came to rest on its roof, blocking two lanes.

Fisher’s lone passenger, Gloria Govan, escaped injury; she is the ex-wife of Golden State Warrior Matt Barnes and a former star of the “Basketball Wives” reality TV show. on the westbound freeway, approaching the Interstate 405 interchange.3), and when Barnes got wind of the little union, he took a beeline 95 miles straight to Los Angeles from training camp with the Memphis Grizzlies in Santa Barbara to give Fisher a piece of his mind, or fist shall we say.“Derek was in Gloria’s back yard with about 10 people having a bonfire on ​​ reports.“Barnes was in Santa Barbara [at Memphis Grizzlies training camp] and heard that Fisher was in his house,” the source told the newspaper. He got in his car and went to the house and went after Fisher.” A different source close to Fisher confirms that the fight did indeed take place but revealed that he will not press charges despite walking away with a few scratches.

Meanwhile, Govan has a whole set of different plans while she tries to file a restraining order against Barnes. Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania reported that Fisher was visiting his children in California and went to Govan's house to visit friends.