Dating hand planes

14-Aug-2017 14:57

Below is a list of Record Planes and Spoke Shaves by their product number, along with the appropriate links to their individual pages.NOTE: If a plane has no link then we haven't created a dedicated page for it just yet.

The M67 is currently in service with US military forces among others and has proven a capable area-effect weapon.

Blades and irons are mostly full-length and are either sharp, ready to use or capable of being sharpened by the purchaser.

Defects, such as pitting and other detractions, are always noted in the item descriptions.

The M67 was selected as the replacement infantry hand grenade for the M61 series used in the Vietnam War.

The M67 is made up of a 2.5-inch diameter spherical steel case that contains some 6.5 ounces of high explosive substance made up of "Composition B" material.The M67 is a fragmentation-based hand-grenade utilized to supplement infantry actions in the field.

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