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Microsoft unveiled its next Xbox video game console on Sunday, pitching it as the most powerful console ever and a major upgrade from its predecessor. 7, sports a processor with 8 2.3GHz cores, 12GB of memory, along with other specs that beat out Sony's PS4 Pro, and will help it run games at high frame rates in 4k ultra HD resolution.

But it's not quite the sort of generational jump that Microsoft made from from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One, since all the same games will be playable on Xbox One and Xbox One X.

(Watch carefully for “hal” install errors, as a damaged package install can continue to affect video playback.) If the Hardware Abstraction Layer module is missing, Flash Player still functions.

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The new console will cost 9, the same as the original Xbox One in 2014.

That's higher than the 9 launch price of Sony’s original Play Station 4, meaning Microsoft will have to work hard to convince gamers the upgrade is worth it. Microsoft, which announced the new console in prelude to this week’s E3 video game conference in Los Angeles, is trying to play catch up in the console wars, with the Play Station 4 decisively outselling the Xbox One in recent years.

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